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Muslim Wedding Cards
Muslim And Islamic Wedding Cards

When inviting people to celebrate your special day, there is nothing like doing too much. You have to make a statement with the wedding card choice. For a Muslim marriage, you must consider the traditions and ancient norms that have characterised such celebrations for aeons. Our Muslim wedding cards are designed with those values in mind.

Muslim wedding invitations are unique in several ways, including their wordings and designs that reflects Islamic arts based on carvings, calligraphy and type of architecton their historical values based on their religion and traditional beliefs.

The phrases on a card have to be structured in a way that corresponds to the true nature of Islam and evoke the right feelings in the recipients. For the designs, we have varieties that are perfect for Muslim wedding cards. The styles include reserved, sophisticated, lively and chic since it’s all about taste.

Type Of Cards

Islamic weddings occurs mainly in 2 to 3 parts and that means you have to factor In the different ceremonies when getting your invitations. By tradition the bride will first have Mehndi Ceremony prior to their main ceremonies. The ceremony where the couple pledges their vows which is the Nikah Ceremony.

After this event, there is the Walima, which is the reception and it also has its own set of invitations that are handled by the groom’s family. When planning an Islamic marriage, these are the factors that will determine the appropriateness of your wedding invitations and that means you have to factor in the different ceremonies.

Our Muslim wedding stationery caters to numerous styles from traditional to modern including in many of our latest laser cut designs which are created bearing in mind type of intricate laser cuts which blends well with their tractions. You can browse through or gallery to see the options available, and in case you have a special request with the wordings, just submit it. Our Muslim wedding cards are designed to meet different budget needs as well.

  Muslim Wedding Cards  
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