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Indian Wedding Cards
Indian Wedding Cards

Announce the biggest celebration of your life together with our beautifully designed Indian wedding cards. Fusing the tradition of cultural heritage with the subtle nuances of contemporary design, Art East Creations will work with you to craft the perfect Indian wedding invitations for your big day.

Whether you prefer a modern laser-cut card, or find yourself drawn to a sophisticated scroll composition, all tastes are adhered to with our vast and tasteful selection. Incorporating luxurious colour palettes with intricate patterns and symbolism allows us to seamlessly match our product to the chosen aesthetic of your wedding ceremony.

Given our focus on customisation, you can also introduce elements of cards designed for other faiths, truly allowing you complete freedom over your bespoke Art East Creation. Your wedding day will go down in history within your social circle, adding emphasis to the importance of making it the most quintessentially ‘you’ day possible.

With several inserts available for additional Indian wedding events, such as sanji, sangeet and reception, the finest of details can be addressed within the one tailor-made invitation. It is simply a case of contacting our team of specialists who can guide you and your partner through the process of fashioning the facets of your package today.

Having the widest selection in UK both on over different variations of colour fabric Design cards (with and without self designs) and with options to choose from over 50 shades of colourful boards to match the theme of the event.

  Indian Wedding Cards  


  Are you looking for elegant, Luxurious Indian Wedding Cards that will AMAZE your guests?      
  Art East Creations are specialist designers of the latest and most exclusive Asian wedding cards & Indian Wedding cards. Whether your tastes are traditional or modern, simple or sophisticated, there are wedding card designs in our extensive range to suit your personal tastes and budget.   We believe that a wedding card is an expression of the individual or the couple. For this reason, most of our Asian & Indian wedding cards are highly customisable, so that you will be purchasing a card that complements the style of your wedding.  
  We are the oldest, most established Asian wedding card supplier in the UK for both trade customers and brides and grooms. Providing you the most exclusive Asian Wedding cards including laser cut designs for all tastes and budgets.   Along with our folding cards and scrolls, we offer an impressive range of flat wedding cards. We also provide insert cards for additional events such as registry, reception, sanji, sangeet & nikkah. For a beautiful beginning to your wedding, choose your wedding stationery from Art East Creations!  
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